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The Rapid Prototyping Department


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Objectives of Rapid Prototyping:
  • Quick turnarounds on components

  • Utilizing our quality department to ensure customer requirements are met

  • Supporting customer lead times

  • Cost-effective prototyping

  • Working with our customer to engineer and develop parts when necessary

  • Reverse engineering current components (both molded and machined) to evaluate possible cost reductions via new or better machining processes

  • Assembly of multiple component systems 

  • Solving supply chain logistics to prevent dirty & damaged parts  

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A contributing factor to the quick turnaround process is quoting. In most cases, Accumatics can supply quotes within 24 to 48 hours. We work with the time frame that our customer desires. That being said, Accumatics also coordinates sourcing on special projects which may require materials that are not as commonly used. In this scenario, Accumatics communicates between the customer and the material source to ensure that material with the correct physical properties is used. In the case that a customer wishes to supply material, Accumatics can provide machining-only quotes along with a machining + material quote. We do this so our customer may make the best decision for their company.

Custom tool-making is a key factor in our Rapid Prototyping Department. Making our own tooling allows us to create extremely efficient cycle times for each component we machine. This cuts down on prototyping and large volume production costs. Another advantage of having our own tooling shop within Accumatics is that we can provide valuable insight to our customers regarding production lead times on medium to large volume runs of their prototype parts. 


Accumatics carries a staff of both materials science and production engineers. We do this as a support to our customer's design and quality teams. Our engineers can be as involved with a customer's development process as they see fit, assisting in:

  • Product design

  • Part utility evaluations

  • And execution of inspection standards

Commonly, our engineering staff works with customers to determine packaging & shipping solutions that meet a range of criteria including price, part security, part quality, clean packaging, and testing of different shipping methods. 

Supply Chain & Logistics
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Accumatics frequently stocks various materials and sizes to accommodate customer needs. In the case where material is not currently stocked, Accumatics leverages longstanding relationships with its suppliers to expedite material lead times. These relationships also allow Accumatics to locate materials that are not commonly used for machined components. 

Here is a list of materials commonly held on Accumatics’ shop floor:

    • Virgin PTFE - Tube, Rod

    • Glass Filled PTFE - Rod

    • TFM (Modified Grade PTFE) - Tube, Rod 

    • PFA - Rod

    • Virgin PEEK - Tube, Rod

    • Carbon Filled PEEK - Rod

    • Glass Filled PEEK - Rod

    • UHMW PE - Tube, Rod

    • PCTFE - Rod

    • Acetal - Rod

    • Nylon - Rod, Hex

Due to our longstanding experience in machining, Accumatics can deploy different production systems to meet our customers' needs. Fluent in both Batch and Pull production methods, Accumatics can craft the right production system for a component based on quantity, machining methods, and data from previous runs. In cases where multiple components must be assembled, Accumatics can accommodate up-to-date assembly methods as well. 

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