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As a plastics machining and supplier shop, we understand the importance of meeting customer requirements. Accumatics houses 2, 3, 4, and 5 axis CNC mills and lathes, screw machines, porting machines, and is equipped with industry leading engineering and shop management softwares. This range of equipment allows us to guarantee that our customers receive the products they require at the highest standard.

On Our Floor

Machining and cutting tools include HAAS, Brown & Sharpe, OmniTurn, Millport, & Govro.

Accumatics holds a diverse range of machinery and tools, making us equipped to meet our customer's unique needs.


Screw Machine Capabilities:

Screw machines have long been an effective way to produce high volume parts while maintaining superior quality. Couple this with our expertise, and we are able to deliver a product that meets customer specification with shorter lead times at a more affordable rate.


CNC Capabilities:

CNC lathes offer extended capabilities over lathes that preceded this technology. The benefit of a computer numeric controlled unit is that it is far more precise in the adjustments and tolerancing over long periods of time. In addition, we utilize CNC milling capabilities to offer multiple operations and machining of very intricate parts.


Secondary Operations:

A secondary operation is any operation necessary to complete a part after it has received the initial machined operation. Plastic parts are designed and made to be very specific to their applications. This is why Accumatics views secondary operations as one of the more integral parts to getting the customer the products they require.

Engineering Anchor
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Engineering Program

Accumatics' approach of utilizing our engineering staff for the betterment of our customers is unique for collaborative problem solving in industrial machining. We work hand-in-hand with our suppliers daily, driving the best results for our customers in both cost and quality.

Our engineering staff consists of a two prong system to solving problems: Materials Science Engineers & Product Development Engineers. As a machine shop, having a staff who specialize in both materials and product development gives us far more insight into how to develop products for our customers and allows us to source plastic material compounds that will best meet our customers utility for their new parts. We really are able to see "both sides of the coin" when it comes to prototyping and product creation, making our customers assured that they will be receiving a top-notch product. Accumatics has 40 years of experience in Reverse Engineering parts from Prints, 3D Files, and even sample parts.


In addition to our elite staff, we utilize CAD/CAM assisted techniques that decrease development time, avoid costly mistakes, and minimize repetitive engineering changes, while increasing the variety and complexity of a component. 

Reverse Engineering

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Prototyping Anchor
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Prototyping & Product Development

Accumatics is equipped with a dedicated materials and rapid prototyping cell. Designed with the intent of having sourced materials, engineering softwares, tool making machinery and multiple operation & multi-axis lathes and mills (up to 5 axis capabilities) all in one place, we can offer a full-service solution to your machined plastic needs. 

Due to the complexity of the industries we serve, our prototyping cell consists of an ever-evolving lineup of machines. In doing so, we are able to deliver our customers fully functional test parts that meet any required dimensions. 

Our current cell contains a list of subtractive manufacturing machines including one 4 axis CNC Mill, one 5 axis CNC mill, one tooling lathe, one 4 axis CNC lathe and cutting & porting capabilities.

High Volume Production

High Volume Anchor

Our high volume batch and pull production capabilities are the backbone of Accumatics. We began as a high volume CNC machining shop, and our 40+ years of experience have allowed us to maximize our processes for efficiency, quality, and cost.  

We utilize Lean Manufacturing techniques to run our shop and apply the best fit to meet your deadline.  Understanding that not every customer is the same requires Accumatics to find each customer’s unique solution.  Scheduling systems are used to create the best program for each customer, and all programs are then integrated into our shop floor plan.

Due to customer demand, our machinery is often edited and retrofitted to find the best solution for the parts required. Our skilled machinists and trades personnel constantly work hand-in-hand to develop new machining systems. This gives our customers the satisfaction of knowing they can partner with a machine shop to find the most effective way to create their products.  

Logistics Anchor

Inspection & Testing

To compliment our high volume production, we integrate a full-service inspection and testing department. This ensures that our customer is going to receive parts that can immediately be plugged into an assembly.


Our department carries a range of capabilities:


  • Dye Penetrant Testing

  • SAE Inspection Method Standards

  • CMM Inspection

  • Profilometer Surface Finish Readings

  • Vision System Inspection


Accumatics will also tailor its inspection methods to the customer's requirements. At times, Accumatics has worked with customers to develop inspection methods hand-in-hand. 

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